MagComb uv air purifier Suitable for viruses, bacteria, allergens, dust, bacteria, HEPA filters, three-layer filtration, suitable for home bedroom offices

Item No.: X8
Used for air purification to remove pollutants such as formaldehyde, toluene, chlorobenzene and other volatile organic compounds in the air. The air resistance is small, the energy consumption is low, and it can deodorize, deodorize and purify the environ
Description Review
1、PM2.5 digital display, temperature display, humidity display, HEPA service life display, TOVC air quality display, air quality three-color light display, negative ion display, wind speed gear display.
2、Dust sensor monitors air quality.
3、Sleep mode can be set, automatic transmission function.
4、4 speeds.
5、Button operation, set switch/wind speed/negative ion/auto/child lock five touch buttons.
、Negative ions can be absorbed by the human body, sterilize and remove dust.

8、Filter: with primary effect/HEPA/activated carbon/3-layer filter.
9、Equipped with remote control (with button battery), switch/child lock/wind speed/auto/negative ion/sleep/night.


product name Air Purifier
model KJ750G-X8
size 380×365×540mm
Air volume CADR 808m3/h
Formaldehyde CADR 405m3/h
Rated voltage 220V
power 78W
Negative ion 5*107pcs/cm3
noise 60dBA
net weight 15.5kg
Application area 60-150m2

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