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1.Does Magcomb release ozone?

Magcomb uses ozone-free UVC lamps, so it will not release O3.

2. Can Magcomb be used in a human environment?

The UVC tube is a built-in design of Magcomb, and Magcomb is also designed with a great shading structure, which can effectively block the leakage of UVC light and ensure the passage of air, in other words, Magcomb can be used safely in a human environment.

3. How can I maximize Magcomb`s effectiveness?

This involves the characteristics of microbial transmission. The growth of microbes is continuous. Complete removal only at a certain point in time cannot guarantee the safety of the respiratory environment for a long time.

We usually recommend that users start working with high air volume for 2 hours when they are first turned on. The microorganisms in the air are reduced to a safe level, and then the 24-hour long-term work mode is turned on to ensure that the microorganisms in the air are restricted to a safe level for a long time. This allows people in the environment to obtain relatively safe air, effectively reducing the threat of pathogenic microorganisms and the probability of cross-infection.

Objects such as walls will appropriately affect the airflow, but will not completely block it, so it will not affect the product's performance. The reproduction speed of microorganisms is far lower than the speed of being killed by the product, even the air far away from Clean-tech can be circulated once per hour. Therefore, it is important to reduce the microorganisms in the air to a lower level when the product is turned on for the first time, and a long-term work mode is required to suppress the increase in the number of microorganisms in the air.

4. Are there different versions of Magcomb?

Magcomb is available in two models, one 110V power supply (used in Europe and other places), and the other 220V power supply (used in North America and other places). The plugs will also be adapted to local standard plugs according to the safety requirements of different regions.

5. Can Magcomb absorb odors?

The built-in UVC lamp in the Magcomb unit can decompose some odor molecules, but the main purpose of Magcomb is to eliminate microorganisms in the air, so the treatment efficiency of odor is not outstanding.

6. Will it have the ability to sync up with devices via Bluetooth?

Magcomb is not equipped with a Bluetooth connection module, because it does not need to adjust the size or switch the machine frequently. Microorganisms are reproducing all the time, and you need to keep Clean-tech working continuously to ensure the safety of the respiratory environment.

7. How long does HEPA filter lasts?

The filter element of Magcomb has a service life of 6-12 months, and the replacement frequency can be mastered according to the cleanliness of the use environment.

8. What is the actual or even calculated degree/percentage of filtration/decontamination that is achieved?

The result obtained when Clean-tech is tested in a closed laboratory chamber of 1050ft3 space is that the removal rate of microorganisms in the air is as high as 99.99%.

9. Can the unit be moved from one room to another if only using one unit?


10. Is your HEPA filter washable ?

The filter is not washable but users can blow the dust inside-out.

11. What is the annual Kw usage for both power levels if the unit was ran 24/7?

Based on the calculations from our engineers, one full day of usage for 24 hours is about ~6 kwh, and assuming you are running it for 365 days this puts you at a usage of 2190 kwh for the entire year. If you are calculating the annual cost make sure to account if your region has a different rate from day time rates vs. night time rates. This is common in California.

12. Will it be possible to buy the HEPA filters after crowdfunding campaign?

Yes. Our filters will be available to our eCommerce store soon, and we're working on getting as many distributors and partners to make our filters available.

13. What`s the CADR rating of Magcomb ?

CADR is the standard for air filter, Magcomb is not a traditional air filter.

14. Can the filter capture some dust and dirt particles?

The filter is just a pre-filter and that's not the product's primary purpose. Capturing dust and dirt is important for the efficacy of UVC light because those larger particles could shadow the microorganisms which we are targetting.

15. How much are the filters? Do they need to be purchased from you ?

The additional filters are offered in our website, the price are listed. 

16. Do you have any documentation showing the effectiveness of the purifier and the UV?

Yes, it is in the 2 lab tests we've linked to on the campaign page.

17. The filter removal process seems unusually labor intensive. Most air cleaners have a pop out drawer of cabinet where the filter resides. Why is your screwed in?

Originally we designed it to be magnetically attached to be easily removed, but in our evaluations for hospital and medical use each component needs to be securely attached. We are continuously looking for feedback, so please provide ideas if you have any. Our filters are designed to last over 6 months because they function as a pre-filter.

18. Why are there only two fan speeds?

This is based from our surveys, most air purifiers are used in a 24/7 mode where a whisper-quiet setting that rarely changed. In the case of an event or a need to increase the air purification, we have the high mode.

19. Is there an app connectivity or control for Magcomb?

We are definitely looking into more features in stretch goals, but our primary goal with Clean-tech is to put it into the hands of users because clean air is the #1 priority for many people right now.

20. Does the mirrow coat degrade over time?

It won`t.

21. Does the UVC Chamber require cleaning?

The UVC chamber will not require cleaning since the filter prevents hair and particles to get inside.

22. What is the life expectancy of the UVC bulb? What is the replacement cost and will this be made avaiable for purchase during the campaign?

The UVC lamp needs to be replaced after 16000 hours or 24 months. We will be providing the UVC bulb replacements through our website.