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4 ways an air purifier can save you money Air purifier recommendations

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Update time : 2021-08-10 17:02:50
Money is tight now. Since the pandemic, one-third of American adults say they have difficulty paying for daily expenses, such as food, rent or car payments. Even some families with an annual income of more than US$200,000 have difficulty paying for basic expenses. Most of us cannot afford to spend money on purchases that are not worthwhile.

So... what about the air purifier? You already know that they can help you purify the air, but is it really worth the high price that high-quality air purifiers often accompany? Here are 4 ways an air purifier can actually save you money.

Allergy and asthma medication
Although an air purifier will not cure your asthma or allergies, it will make it easier for you to breathe at home, thereby reducing your dependence on medication.

This relief is a big deal for your lungs and pockets! The total annual cost of asthma in the United States, including health care, absenteeism and mortality, is $81.9 billion. The annual per capita medical cost for asthma is $3,266!

People with allergies can also save money, which is important because in the United States, about one-fifth of adults and children suffer from allergies. Allergies cause 3.4 million U.S. workdays to be lost each year, with a loss of 639 million U.S. dollars. Overall, consumers and employers spend as much as US$2 billion on allergy treatment each year, including visits, tests, medications, and immunotherapy (allergic injections).

Michael Palumbo, a physician and board member of the Pennsylvania Allergy and Asthma Association, estimates that an individual usually spends $60 or $70 in the week or two before seeing a doctor.

A Magcomb HEPA+UV filter can remove 99.96% of pollutants in indoor air, which can greatly reduce your need for asthma and allergy treatment, thereby saving you money and health.

Cleaning products
Household dust is a mixture of shed skin cells, hair, clothing fibers, bacteria, dead insects, soil particles, pollen, dust mite residue and plastic particles. Old houses may even retain banned pollutants, such as DDT.

The air purifier will not remove the dust in your home. However, they will remove it from the indoor air, thereby reducing the chance of falling on the surface. Although this does not mean that you can stop cleaning your home, it can affect how often you clean and how much you spend on cleaning products.

Mold can cause many different health problems, especially for people with compromised immune systems. Some of the more common problems are breathing problems, allergic reactions and inflammation... which can lead to more serious diseases.

The most dangerous type of mold is called Aspergillus, which can cause serious health problems called Aspergillosis. Aspergillosis can cause severe breathing problems, bloody coughs, and rapid weight loss.

In extreme cases, exposure to mold can cause mental disorders, including depression, anxiety, and insomnia.

Wherever you go, you will be exposed to mold spores... whether indoor or outdoor. The mold spores are so small that you don't even know when they appear on your body.

The problem is that there is really no way to stop the spread of spores. These spores may get in every time you enter your home or open doors and windows.

When the spores land in a warm and humid place... they begin to grow into mold. This means that even the cleanest houses can be infested by mold.

Removal of molds can be complicated and expensive. On average, professional mold repair costs 500 to 6,000 US dollars, but if the problem is serious, the price may soar to tens of thousands of US dollars.

The air purifier will not be able to help you deal with the mold that has grown in your home. Once the mold is established, the only way to solve the problem is to remove and replace it. However, air purifiers with Magcomb HEPA filters can remove spores before they take root.

Medical fees
This is the most important way that an air purifier can save your wallet and your health. Poor air quality is related to lung disease, heart disease, obesity, cancer and even dementia. In addition to the obvious trauma and difficulties that these diseases may cause, medical costs can also be staggering.

Air pollution consists of a complex combination of suspended gas, solid and liquid particles. There are many toxic components in this mixture, including ozone, sulfur dioxide and carbon monoxide, all of which can cause serious health problems. However, the most dangerous ingredient to your health is PM.

PM 2.5, also known as fine particulate matter, usually comes from smoke, dust and exhaust gas. PM 2.5 is 30 times smaller than the average width of human hair, so small that it can stay in the air for a long time and penetrate into buildings and our bodies. Ultrafine particles are even smaller, less than 0.1 microns in diameter. Their tiny size makes them almost impossible to monitor.

The problem with these tiny particles is that they can bypass the body's defenses against unwanted intruders, leading to a series of health problems.

The good news is that air purifiers equipped with Magcomb HEPA filters can eliminate 99.6% of all pollutants in the air, including these dangerous PM 2.5 particles. Although it may be difficult to invest in an air purifier in the short term, the health costs of your family are priceless.
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